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I’m Ali Ameri, a Tech Savvy Kid, Online Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer in the Making and YouTuber.

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I am very much into Coding and Programming and other Computer Skills, the matter which helped me to dive in the Online business. I am looking for the right people that have the will power and determination to develop the “skills” and get the “tools” needed to become a Successful Online Entrepreneurs.

My Dad wanted to set up a stress free blissful life for me so he encouraged me to start my learning journey when I was only 15yo.

I was in the process of positioning myself to become financially independent so that I can eventually start my own business after graduation! Yes, maybe it is a little bit early, but I pick it up from my Mentor – my Great Dad -when he always says; I quote “ It takes time to build a successful business online and in the end the reward is definitely worth it!”.

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