8 Habits You Don’t Realize are Killing You Slowly

One of the things that can really creep up on you is the little, seemingly innocent habits you begin to develop. 

Habits are often what keep us sane and help us live our lives in an organized manner. 

But when these habits begin to take root, they start to become difficult to notice. 

That’s because these habits are generally not visible at first glance. 

Instead, they lurk under the surface until something triggers an unpleasant reaction. 

Then, and only then, do we start seeing them come into focus? 

The problem with many of our habits is that they’re extremely easy to develop but very difficult to break free from once we’ve become accustomed to them.


1.  You Eat Junk Foods

A significant contributor to our poor eating habits is the fact that… 

We often seek out food when our emotions are high. 

This happens due to a lack of self-control or because what we’re seeking out will temporarily ease stress and give us a boost at the moment. 

The problem with this approach is that it can lead to overeating…

Which can spiral into all sorts of unhealthy consequences like weight gain, and different diseases.

It also leads us to develop bad habits…

Like grazing on junk foods for quick fixes instead of taking the time to enjoy healthy meals… 

Which helps us feel better in a more sustainable way.


2. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

The amount of water we need to consume is different for every individual. But many people still don’t drink enough water. 

The idea that we should be drinking 8-10 cups of water a day is a myth. It’s actually an average that doesn’t take into account some people’s specific needs. 

Simply you should be drinking is how thirsty you feel. This is what we do normally. But don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water. Your brain needs fluid to function properly.

You need to drink more water if you’re exercising regularly. Or taking up activities like running marathons where dehydration can set in quickly. 

Many people also have trouble taking a lot of water…

Because they find it difficult to handle all the fluid at once. 

When this happens for you…

Try sipping on glasses at intervals instead of gulping down large amounts all at once.


3. You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is a necessity to keep one’s body functioning properly. 

When you don’t get enough sleep…

Your brain becomes tired and unable to think clearly. Which can make decision-making difficult. 

Studies show people who sleep less are twice as likely to suffer from depression and various other diseases. 

One of the most common habits that we all struggle with is not getting enough sleep. 

There are many reasons for this…

Some of which may be outside of our control. 

But one thing we can do to ensure we don’t develop this habit is by being aware of what our behaviors are telling us. 

For example…

If you find yourself needing help working through a particularly challenging project at work or something else that requires mental clarity and focus…

Then you know that getting more sleep might be the best option for you right now.


4. You Skip Breakfast Often

In other words, we have developed habits that are difficult to break without a major overhaul in our lives. 

That’s why it’s not just about losing weight or quitting smoking…

It’s really about trying to be aware of your habits and actively working on developing new ones. 

One habit that can really creep up on you is skipping breakfast. 

It only takes a few days of skipping breakfast for you to find yourself eating lunch at 11 pm and then sitting down for dinner at 4 pm, completely exhausted from the lack of energy in your day. 

Skipping breakfast is not only bad for your well-being, but it can also lead to cravings throughout the day that make healthy meals more difficult to consume. 

Habits like this are not just difficult because they keep us from living an active life. 

Because they seem harmless enough at first glance… 

Anyone would be able to tell you that skipping breakfast is better than having no breakfast!

5. You Don’t Exercise Regularly

We all know that exercise like going for walk is important. It’s important for our well-being, our health, our happiness, and even our careers. 

However, most of us are busy or lazy to make time for it. 

In fact, the average American only exercises about 18 minutes a week. 

That’s just not enough! 

Exercising regularly keeps your body healthy, reduces stress levels, makes you happier, and helps your body lower cholesterol or burn calories. 

It also gives you more energy and helps you sleep better at night (which is why both dieting and exercise are often referred to as “sleep hygiene”).


6. You’re Taking Too Much Caffeine

If you’ve been taking in more caffeine than you should, then that’s one of the habits that’s now causing you to feel tired and run down. 

Too much caffeine is a habit that can easily go unnoticed, but it can have a very significant impact on your overall health. 

Caffeine consumption is linked with heart problems and high blood pressure – both of which can be deadly if left unchecked. 

Caffeine also wreaks havoc on sleep cycles throughout the night.

Not only does caffeine keep us up initially, but it also makes it difficult for us to fall asleep once we finally do get some shut-eye. 

Overall, too much caffeine can be incredibly detrimental to your health and well-being.

7. You Skip Out on Vitamin D

One of the most significant habits that are not so visible is skipping out on essential vitamins like Vitamin D. 

It has a key role in bone and cardiovascular health. The latest research has revealed just how crucial it is for our overall well-being. 

Unfortunately, many Americans are deficient in vitamin D, which can have serious consequences for your body. 

There are a few possible symptoms, but the most common is muscle weakness and fatigue. 

But it’s also been found to be associated with an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses.


8. You’re Being Overworked

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is tough, especially for those who are overworked, which means that they’re doing more than what’s expected of them. 

This can lead to consequences like a lack of sleep, resulting in decreased productivity and lessening of creativity. 

It also leads to unnecessary stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Be sure to check your workload and see if you’re working too much or if you need a bit of help from others on how best to manage your workload.



There are many things that you’re doing that are killing you slowly. 

By changing these habits for the better, you can prevent many health problems and lose weight. 

For example, by drinking a glass of water before every meal, you can lose weight and keep your metabolism up. 

Also, it’s essential to exercise and eat healthy to avoid health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.


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