8 Morning Hacks to Boost Productivity

Today’s world is fast-moving and full of constant distractions. To stay productive, we need to manage and eliminate our external noise so that we can focus on the task at hand.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come naturally for most of us. After all, our minds are naturally wired to process new things rather than focus on one thing for long periods.

However, with a bit of prep and some creative thinking, it’s possible to increase your productivity in just about any setting.

Here are 8 simple hacks you can use today to boost your productivity and stay focused on your goals throughout the day.

1) Get up Early

The first morning hack is to get up early. If you wake up at 6:00 am, chances are you’ll be able to focus on your tasks without distractions in the morning.

The bright light and lack of noise might also keep your mind from wandering off as easily. If you don’t have time to wake up early, there are a few other things that will increase your productivity in the morning.

One option is to listen to podcasts before work. Another is to have a pre-work routine that ensures your brain is focused on what needs to be done for the day and not what it did yesterday.

You can also grab some coffee and turn off your phone before starting your workday so that you avoid interruptions during the first hour of your day.

2) Plan Your Morning the Evening Before

Do you have trouble staying focused in the morning?

The problem is that during the day, your brain is constantly trying to process new information and thoughts.

This can make it difficult to stay on task until later in the day when you’ve had time to focus on one thing.

To combat this, try planning out what you want to accomplish during your morning before you go to bed at night.

This will give your mind something specific to think about while you sleep so that when you wake up, your goal will already be in your head.

3) Make Your Bed

Making a bed may seem like an obvious hack, but the truth is that many of us don’t make our beds in the morning.

When you make your bed in the morning, you instantly feel more productive and will likely be more focused for as long as it takes to get through that task.

4) Take a Cold Shower

Research has shown that cold showers can increase alertness, improve focus, and even boost self-confidence.

It’s recommended that you take a cold shower for about five to ten minutes before taking on new tasks.

If you don’t want to take a cold shower, try this hack…

Take a hot shower, wait until the water starts cooling down, and then step into the cold water for a few seconds before continuing your shower routine.

5) Drink Cold Water

Staying hydrated is a key component of good health.

When we’re dehydrated, our brain’s processing power decreases.  And we can have difficulty focusing on the task at hand. Drink cold water to help you stay focused.

Drinking cold water will reduce the amount of blood flow in your body, which will help you focus on the task at hand.

Additionally, drinking cold water can boost creativity by increasing dopamine levels in your brain.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and focus and is most activated when we experience something novel or surprising.

6) Mediate for 10-20 Minutes

Meditating for a few minutes is highly effective in reducing stress and increasing productivity.

It also helps you stay focused on the task at hand.

Meditating, particularly in the morning, shows positive impact on an individual’s health and it can even good for mental illness.

If you struggle to get started with meditating, try starting small with 10-20 minutes. This allows your brain time to adjust and allows you to slowly build up your mindfulness practice over time.

There are mobile apps that provide guided meditation sessions with just one tap of a button as well. So it’s easy for busy people like yourself who don’t always have time for sitting down and focusing on their breath.

7) Go for a Walk

An early morning walk helps you clear your head and come into the day with a sense of clarity and possibility.

It’s hard to think when your mind is full of thoughts, so taking a walk outside or doing some movement at home before starting your day can be very helpful in reducing distractions.

It will also get your body moving, which is important for staying focused on work throughout the day.

8) Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the best times to avoid distractions and live a better, more productive day.

The recommended intake for breakfast is about 400 calories.

However, most people don’t like to eat breakfast in the morning because it takes up their time.

If you have just a few minutes before you need to leave for work, eat a healthy breakfast that you can easily throw into your bag or purse.

Some examples include oatmeal with fresh fruit and nuts. More example include oatmeal with granola and chia seeds o steel-cut oatmeal topped with a pureed apple.

And you can also take eggs scrambled in coconut oil with vegetables or any protein of your choice on top, yogurt topped with fruit and nuts .

Your favorite morning beverage can also be part of your breakfast strategy. 


Mornings are for productivity, so follow these tips to improve your morning routine and get more done.

Morning habits are often the starting point for our day.

But too many people start out with a bad attitude, feeling tired and unmotivated before they even start.

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