Avoid These Kinds of Toxic People at All Costs

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Are you tired of being lied to, rejected, and forgotten about?

It’s no secret that most people aren’t kind or selfless.

We call it being human for a reason.

The unfortunate truth is that most of us must spend time with these people daily.

Even if you don’t think so, their adverse effects on you are no denying.

 Let me explain:

Most people are naturally selfish creatures who thrive when they feel like they meet their needs.

These individuals don’t value relationships, so they don’t take responsibility for giving anything back when someone else gives them something.

They only care about themselves and have no reservations about speaking their minds or showing how little they value others.

Nevertheless, these types of people destroy relationships and often do so unconsciously.

You may be one if you recognize that you fall into any of these categories without realizing it.

The Compulsive Liars

This type of person is never happy with what they have.

They’re constantly searching for new things, always thinking they’re entitled to more than they already have.

This person will take whatever they can, whether a job or a relationship.

Since this type of person values themselves more than anyone else, they ignore what kind of effect their actions have on others and feel no remorse when they hurt people. Worst of all, these people are compulsively dishonest.

They lie over and over again without any consequences because the truth just doesn’t matter to them.

If someone asks them about something that happened in the past, you better believe what this individual says is not valid.

They know that if you start asking questions about their past behavior or about anything else for that matter, you’ll begin to question every other thing about them and ultimately call into question everything you thought you knew about them in the first place.

Without fail, this person will never admit to being wrong or wronged and act like nothing was said or done during the conversation!

People Who Are attracted to Drama

If you’ve been around the block a few times, you’ve met these people.

They are the drama magnets. I’m not sure why they attract this type of person, but they do.

Drama magnet people have an acute ability to start unnecessary drama in any situation and struggle to hold back their thoughts and opinions.

I think there is no excuse for being rude or inconsiderate towards others.

You can easily avoid these types of toxic people by researching and learning how to spot them before spending time with them (but once you know how to avoid them, be careful not to get stuck with someone too good at manipulating).

The Boozy People

The boozy people are the most toxic people to be around.

They want to control everything, they want you to do what they want and not what you want, and they feel entitled to your time and energy.

Controllers often use guilt trips on those close to them, which can be incredibly manipulative.

Although breaking away from these people can be challenging, you must do it.

You deserve better than someone who attempts to manipulate your emotions for their gain or uses the intimacy of a relationship for their benefit.

People Who Eat Energy

The energy vampire people are a group who use their energy to drain others and make them feel bad about themselves.

Often, these people don’t realize they’re doing it because they’re so used to feeling worthless.

They often have difficulty understanding that the behavior is harmful and problematic for those around them.

They’re also likely to be involved in toxic relationships where their partner doesn’t give anything back.

This type of relationship can suck out your energy consciously or subconsciously, making you feel lazy and inferior compared to the other person.

Another quality of the energy vampire people is they usually know precisely how to get what they want from others without apologizing or taking responsibility for any negative impact they may cause.

These people live off manipulation and control, making others feel small in comparison and taking advantage of their partner’s weaknesses.

People with Narcissistic Tendencies

It does not matter how cautious you are; there is an extremely high likelihood that you will be involved in a toxic relationship at some point, so try to reflect on where it began.

For most of us, people with narcissistic tendencies have been around our entire lives.

It’s no secret that they feel entitled to everything they need or want and have no problem letting everyone know what they lack and how much better they are than others.

They love telling people what’s wrong with them and can go on for hours about their flaws.

Narcissists are so self-centred that they won’t ever do anything nice for you without expecting something in return.

They wouldn’t do anything nice for anyone or at all if you weren’t there to take care of them first.

The Green-eyed

Are you feeling like someone is taking advantage of you and not having your back?

Have they been in relationships with others who treated them the same way or broken promises that led you to believe they would be different?

These people have no problem using others to get what they want. They don’t care if they hurt or abandon their partners because they know it won’t affect them.

They don’t feel remorse when they lie, steal, or deceive someone else and instead take pleasure in hurting others.

This type of person doesn’t see anything wrong with being an emotional vampire who drains everyone around them.

If this behaviour makes these types of people feel better about themselves, that’s all that matters.

People Addicted to Bad Stuff

This category of people is one that many people are familiar with.

The bad-addicted person has an addiction to bad stuff or maybe some bad habits.

This is because they feed off the attention they receive from other people and the drama they create around them.

This person thrives off negativity, pain, and chaos from their need to act in their life.

These people make an effort to attract others so that they can normalise that kind of addiction.

If you find yourself dealing with a bad-addicted person, it’s important to remember the following:

It might seem like the attention or drama your friend or loved one is giving you will be temporary until something better comes along.

However, this type of person takes whatever they can get out of others without giving back anything in return.

Their lack of empathy also causes them to be unconcerned with how these actions affect them.

If you want to break away from someone like this, it’s best to try and switch your perspective on adverse events in your life.

For example, if someone is constantly commenting on your social media posts that make you feel insecure or when a guy keeps texting you but never calls (or vice versa), start thinking about how these events affect your life positively instead.

These events can help you develop more confidence and better self-love instead of negativity and hurtful comments.

The Complainers

Complainers are the most toxic people in relationships.

Most of them are never satisfied with anything or anyone and will never apologize for their behaviour until they’ve hit rock bottom.

They often find themselves in relationships where they get what they want without effort, but when they don’t receive that, they instantly become critical of their partner.

These individuals can mistreat you with words and actions without even knowing it because they’re used to getting away with it.

The Complainer is most likely to be insecure and feels like something is missing or lacking in their life.

People Who Are Pessimistic

The pessimistic is someone who constantly thinks the worst is going to happen.

They are always looking for the downfalls in everything and can never find silver linings. If a conversation turns negative, they immediately focus on what went wrong and forget what has been said.

They can be very pessimistic and not see why change should ever happen.

They often say, “I’ve tried everything, and nothing works,” or “This is just how life is, so there’s no point in fighting it.” Their pessimism makes them hard to deal with because they have a negative outlook on life.

They often try to make others feel small by speaking or putting them down. This type of person doesn’t know when to stop and constantly brings up old arguments that were resolved long ago.


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