10 Ways to Make Progress and Realize Your Goals Fast

Goals can be a great thing.  They offer an opportunity to look at what you’d like to achieve in the future and how you can get there.

But it’s easy to fall into the trap of letting our goals become so abstract that they lose meaning.

If only we had a solution for all the situations, we find ourselves in where we feel like our goals are scattered all over the place…

Instead of being organized and easily accessible!

But wait… aren’t your goals just as likely to be scattered all over as your goals are?

Of course, every goal isn’t going to be perfectly aligned with your life.

But if you take the time to assess each one separately, you’ll see that many of them don’t require vast amounts of time or effort to realize.

In other words, they’re realistic goals that don’t need a major overhaul or dramatic shift in your current lifestyle just for you to realize them someday.

So how do you make progress?

Instead of letting yourself feel overwhelmed by everything that needs doing.

Why not focus on making some progress on a few specific things at once?

That way, when progress is made on one item, it becomes easier than before to continue working towards your goal.

Read on for 10 tips on how you can make progress fast and realize your goals faster.


1) Invest in Yourself

Your first step to making progress is investing in yourself.

Treating yourself well after a long workday can make all the difference in the world.

Maybe you have some free time during your lunch break.

And maybe you need a new coffee mug for work, or maybe you just want to get outside for a walk.

You deserve it! 

In your time and money in yourself before anything else.

Enroll in a course. But a book.

Take help from a mentor. Do anything to upgrade yourself mentally as well as physically.


2) Read Daily

We’re all busy. We’ve got to work, make money, maintain our relationships, and so on.

But to make progress on your goals, you need to take the time to do something different each day.

If you read for just 10 minutes every day, that would add up to two hours worth of reading every week!

One hour is a lot more manageable than two hours! So how should you be focusing your time?

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to make progress on your goal while still being able to get things done.

It’s also convenient because you can listen while you are driving or when you’re waiting in line somewhere.


3) Eat Well

If you’re looking to make more progress in the next month, start focusing on what you eat.

This doesn’t mean that you should go vegan or give up your favorite takeout order.

It means that you should be conscious of what you’re eating and how it affects your health.

If eating well is something that you struggle with because of time constraints, try taking a few minutes out of each day to prepare a nutritious meal.

If you don’t want to buy healthy food and ingredients, try making healthier meals from scratch instead of buying them pre-made.

These are just a few ways that eating better can help make progress on other goals like weight loss and getting into better shape.


4) Love Yourself

Making progress is something that requires you to love yourself.

You will only be able to get yourself to work on your projects and make progress is if you first invest in your own happiness and well-being.

Now, this doesn’t mean you can forget about everyone else in your life.

So, you need to love yourself enough to do what needs doing.

If you find yourself feeling stuck and unmotivated, think about how much better things would be if you loved yourself more.


5) Judge Less

You have to be willing to judge less to succeed faster.

Too often, our goals are so big that we can’t see them through because we never feel like we’re making progress toward meeting them.

In the end, all of the effort we put in is wasted because it doesn’t actually lead us anywhere.

It’s not enough to want something. You have to try your best to make it happen.

Making progress on one thing at a time will make it easier for you to keep moving towards your goal, as well as help you realize that you’re not getting anywhere fast.

When you focus on a single task at a time, you’ll notice that progress starts happening much more quickly than when you’re obsessed with one large goal and never seem to get closer.

If you’re having trouble looking beyond your current situation and focusing on making progress towards your bigger goals…

Take some time and think about what could be done with the resources available in your life right now.

What could be accomplished if you focused your energy somewhere else?


6) Be Yourself

This sounds strange, but it’s true! It’s easy to get into the trap of what things you should or shouldn’t do in order to be successful.

But when you are yourself, you are most likely more appealing to people and making progress more natural.

When you try to be someone different than who you really are, it gets tricky.

You might feel like this person is more attractive or has a better sense of humor than you do, so your intentions change.

But when you go through life being the same person that you were before, people will naturally connect with that person on a deeper level.

And best of all? You’re not going to have to work as hard!


7) Set Smart Goals

Smart people set smart goals.

Every goal you set should be specific enough that it gives you the sense of urgency you need to get started.

This might mean setting a goal in terms of material items, like the number of pieces of furniture you want to have in your home by this time next year.

Or the amount of weight you want to lose before your wedding.

Or it could mean setting a goal that is more abstract, like someone’s happiness rating at work or reaching a certain level on an online game.

To make sure your goals are smart and achievable, what’s important is that they’re realistic.

Think about the feeling when you achieved each goal.

Would it be worth it? If so, can you imagine what will happen when all the goals are realized?

Will things still be as good for you?


8) Plan Your Day Ahead

If you’ve never thought about planning your day ahead of time, it might seem daunting.

But if you plan well what you’re going to do during the day and when, it will make your life a lot easier.

It will also help bring more focus to your time so that you can keep up with all the tasks on your list without feeling overwhelmed.

So how do you do this?

Planning your day ahead of time doesn’t require much effort.

Especially if there’s a planner available for purchase or if you have a smartphone.

You could even use an app like Todoist that syncs with Google Calendar.

With any planner, jot down the things you want to accomplish during the day.

Then prioritize them and plan out what order they should be done in.

This way, when the morning rolls around and it’s time to get started, you’ll already know what needs doing at what exact moment.


9) Have Purpose

Having purpose is such an important step towards achieving any goal.

It gives you a place to start, a sense of direction, and something to focus on.

Even if your goals are short-term or not directly related to work, your goal will help you stay motivated and organized.

Start with creating a list of what really matters to you in your life.

This can be things like family time, personal growth, or even just happiness.

Once you’ve got that list in front of you, then choose one item from that list as your “purpose” for the next week or month.


10) Help Others

To make progress and realize your goals, you have to help others too.

To get something for you, you need to give it away.

There’s no shortcut to this, but it can be a lot easier if you spend your time helping those around you…

Instead of worrying so much about how things are going for you.



Making progress and achieving goals can be difficult.

But it doesn’t have to be hard. 

By following these 10 steps, you’ll be able to make more progress and realize your goals faster. 

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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