7 Ways to Make Your Reading Process Effective

Reading is undoubtedly one of the most important skills you can develop.

It opens up new worlds and experiences, broadens your mind, and exposes you to new ideas.

Also, it helps you build vocabulary and learn new facts. And don’t forget that reading is one of the best ways to relax too!

Reading is a habit that you need to develop from an early age. I

t is through reading you become acquainted with the world around you.

And understand what other people think. And feel about things, learn how to solve problems, deal with conflict, and improve your writing skills.

However, reading won’t happen automatically for everyone–it takes practice! 

The following are helpful tips for making your reading process more effective so it becomes easier for you in the long run.


1) Don’t Read Uninteresting Books

Reading can be tedious and painful if you’re not interested in the book or genre.

Reading is meant to relax you, so you must find books that interest you.

If you don’t have anything interesting to read, then it’s time to start looking for some new books!


2) Read Multiple Books at a Time

Reading multiple books at a time is one of the best ways to develop your comprehension skills.

This is because you can process different pieces of information in each book.

By reading multiple books, you will be able to build your vocabulary. And build up a greater understanding of the things around you.

Another reason reading numerous books at a time is so important is because it allows you to have more fun!

You can also read similar or varied books in a genre, so you are not bored.

If you’re someone who doesn’t find reading easy, try reading short stories, poems, or chapters on Wattpad instead of long novels.

Reading short stories and poems forces you to slow down.

And think about what you’re reading, which will help improve your reading comprehension skills later.


3) Make Your Reading Process Interesting

There are many ways to make your reading process more enjoyable. One such way is to set a goal for yourself.

For example, you may want to read specific pages each day or finish a certain number of books.

Another way is to read something you might not usually choose to read. Maybe it’s a new genre for you or something that you don’t typically like.

A third way is to go back into old favourites and reread them, but this time with different eyes.

Finally, another helpful tip on making your reading process more interesting is to try out a reading app such as Goodreads. You can find yourself adding books you would never have picked up before!


4) Read to Learn, Grow and Enjoy

Read to learn. Reading is a helpful way to expand your knowledge and vocabulary.

However, it shouldn’t be the only thing you do when reading–you should also grow and enjoy what you read.

As soon as you finish a book, go to another book–don’t just stop there.

By continuing to read, you will continue to grow and enjoy!


5) Take Notes on What You Read

Forgetting 90 per cent of it in two days is one of the worse things that can happen to you.

Take notes on what you read so you can recall the information later.

This includes visualizing the characters and places, making connections with other ideas, and taking down any quotes or important passages.


6) Apply What You Read

One thing that can be challenging about developing a reading habit is staying motivated.

It can be difficult to read when you’re beginning continuously, and it isn’t something you enjoy yet.

However, the more you read, the easier it gets. And your motivation increases too!

So start with what interests you, but apply what you learn from those books to your own life.

Take, for example, the book “1984.” It’s about a dystopian society story where Big Brother watches over every citizen.

Because of this, people are not allowed to have private thoughts or feelings.

If any citizens speak out against Big Brother’s rule, they’ll be immediately arrested and locked in Room 101, where they face psychological torture.

As a result of this society, people constantly fear being watched. They don’t know if their words will get them arrested.

Or if they’ll be able to say anything in public without someone listening in on them.

This leads to self-censorship–meaning people only express opinions that align with the government.

And they’re not sure if their opinions are their own or just what they’re told to believe.

On the other hand, an individual speaks out against this society.

And often rebels against it by shouting insults outside his window after curfew time has passed.

He also presents himself as louder than anyone else to make his voice heard above everyone else’s whispers. 


7) Reread the Best Books

One of the best ways to improve your reading comprehension is to reread The Hunger Games or Harry Potter.

Rereading books that you enjoyed is a great way to refresh your memory. And make sure that you understand what is going on in the story.

It will also help you spot new vocabulary words and understand new concepts better.

Rereading can be one of the most motivating things for you because it allows you to revisit the reading experience without starting over again.



Readers who are dedicated to getting more out of the books they read will find success.

You’ll find that reading more than one book at a time makes it much easier to focus on and enjoy.

And by taking notes on what you read, you’ll be able to remember and apply what you read for future projects or tasks.


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