8 Things Mentally Strong People Do

Today’s world is overflowing with information and stimuli. From social media to cable news channels, it’s practically impossible to escape the constant stream of stimuli.

And as a result, we’re seeing more and more people who have become ‘filterless’ in their thinking.

People who are incapable of separating facts from opinions or emotions from ideas. Such people are called ‘filterless thinkers’ because they filter everything through their own personal lens.

What does this mean for you? It means you need to think like a mentally strong person if you want to succeed today.

Everyone has weak points. Mental strength is recognizing your weaknesses, overcoming them, and building new strengths.

As such, there are some things that mentally strong people do that most others don’t even consider doing. If you want success today – and tomorrow – then try implementing these 8 things into your life:

1) They Move On

From mistakes, mentally strong people know that mistakes are inevitable.

What separates mentally strong people from others is that they move on from mistakes quickly.

They recognize them and accept them for what they are, then learn from them and move forward.

They don’t dwell on mistakes because dwelling on mistakes will only make them more common.

If a mistake has been made, mentally strong people focus on the next task and do their best to succeed at it despite the mistake.

2) They Embrace Change

Change can be a scary thing. We all know the fear of failure when going out on a limb and trying something new. Or even the fear of success when we hit our number one goal.

But mentally strong people know that change is inevitable and embrace it head-on. They know that they don’t have to fight it. They just have to let it happen.

It doesn’t mean that mentally strong people are always complacent and never try anything new. 

They know the importance of embracing change and are always prepared for change.

3) They are Kind

Mentally strong people are kind, compassionate, and empathetic.

They try to put others’ needs first before their own.

They share what they have and try to help those who need it most.


4) They aren’t Afraid to Speak Up

If you have difficult conversations with people, it’s easy just to avoid them altogether.

But that’s the wrong approach for someone trying to build a mentally strong mindset.

Instead, you should speak up, no matter what the situation is.

Though difficult conversations may cause discomfort. Or even pain at times. They are not as bad as they seem.

They make your life better in the long run by helping you develop better communication skills and by forcing you to confront your weaknesses.

5) They are Willing to Take Calculated Risks

Mentally strong people don’t let fear of failure hold them back. Even if they know it could cost them, they are willing to take calculated risks because it’s what will push them to new levels of success.

Mentally strong people have a strong sense of purpose in life. They know why they do things and can move forward with their lives without the confusion that comes from not knowing your purpose.

They don’t get caught in the moment. Mentally strong people understand that one moment does not define their life.

They are more concerned about the days and weeks, months, and years after this moment has passed than about right now itself.

By being able to move away from the present moment when necessary, they’re able to make better decisions for themselves and also avoid making rash, unproductive decisions when they’re caught up in the moment.

6) They Welcome Challenges

Mentally strong people never fear to take challenges. As a result, they embrace the difficulties and try to overcome them instead of avoiding them.

This doesn’t mean that they jump into things without thinking, but they don’t avoid what may be difficult, either.

They take the time to assess the situation and make sure it’s worth the challenge before accepting it.

Then, rather than removing themselves from the situation or quitting in frustration, mentally strong people do their best to work through whatever is presented before them.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that mentally strong people never give up – but when they do, it’s only temporary until they find another solution that works for them.

7) They Celebrate Others’ Success

Mentally strong people are compassionate and supportive of others. They don’t get jealous or envious of other people’s achievements because they understand that personal success comes from a combination of effort and timing.

This is why mentally strong people celebrate the successes of others with gratitude, not envy.

For example, when friends or family members achieve something you know they have worked hard for, mentally strong people celebrate their success with gratitude.

Mentally strong people care about the well-being of others by being compassionate and supportive of them.

8) They Stay Positive

It can be difficult to remain positive in today’s world. But mentally strong people don’t let negative thinking get the best of them.

Mentally strong people see every experience as a learning opportunity and that there are always new things to learn from, no matter how bad things may seem.

Compare this to a filterless thinker who has become overwhelmed by all the stimuli in their daily life and has given up hope on happiness. Such a person might feel entitled to nothing because they don’t appreciate what they have.

Mentally strong people understand that they have choices: they can choose to focus on the positives and find joy in overcoming adversity, or they can reject difficulty and give up on pursuing happiness altogether.


Mental strength is a combination of many things, some of which you can see and others that you can’t.

However, there are some universal qualities that mentally strong people share.

Some of the traits that set mentally strong people apart  The more you know about these qualities, the more likely you are to keep them in mind when you are encountering challenges in your life.


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